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Related post: Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 10:18:44 EDT From: INSILVA92aol.com Subject: The Real Garage Mechanic part four.THIS IS A GAY FANTASY. IF IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO READ IT FOR ANY REASON PLEASE LEAVE NOW. THE CHARACTERS AND EVENTS ARE FICTICIOUS. THE SEX WILL BE UNPROTECTED. PLEASE PRACTISE lola nymphete SAFE SEX. "You ready to fuck this little cum-pig's boy-pussy again Steve. "Yeah Frank he's got me hard again, he's models nymphets angels come on in young nymphets having sex leaps little nymphets hard underage and bounds. I think the fact that he loves cock up his boy-pussy, or in his mouth, so much has something to do with it." Steve stood up and I reluctantly released his cock, he walked towards Frank as Frank was pulling his soft nymphet sex link cock from my well used bum-hole. There was a squelchy soft plop as it was pulled out and I felt some cum comic nymphet trickle out into my arse-crack. 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